This cream is suitable for normal to dry skin as well as for sensitive skin. It is used on the face, eyes contours and décolleté.



This corrective and firming cream contains powerful antioxidants PROTECTING the skin from free radicals and negative environmental factors. This efficient anti-aging care ensures a deep cell renewal, STIMULATES collagen and elastin production and REGENERATES the connective tissue. The soothing formula has a high concentration of active ingredients producing a synergistic effect. It also contains ALOE BARBADENSIS and ALLANTOIN with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamins A, C & E along with an intense moisturizing complex are enclosed in spherical biovectors (microspheres) that carry the active ingredients into the skin. Moreover, this energizing care provides an optimum amount of LECITHIN to help the skin maintain its vital moisture and RESTORE its natural barrier in order to offer the skin a DAILY PROTECTION. Its formula with collagen, restructuring and revitalizing substances PREVENTS early skin aging. The skin surface is restored, wrinkles and fine lines fade, and the skin recovers its youthful and glowing complexion.



This cream may be used both as a day and night care. Apply morning and evening with the fingertips on a cleansed and dry skin using gentle circular motions until completely absorbed.



  • firms and restructures through biological stimulation of cellular activity (fibroblasts).
  • fades and fills wrinkles and fine lines (mechanical effect of spherical biovectors).
  •  evens skin relief and ensures a fresh glowing complexion.
  •  boosts, softens and evens the facial features.
  •  visibly improves the skin’s overall quality.
  •  provides optimum moisture.
  •  restores the skin’s surface.