This serum is suitable for all skin types and is applied on the face and décolleté.


– ANTI-AGING: This anti-aging care enriched with NDGA and ALOE BARBADENSIS prevents and delays the signs of photo-induced aging. Its powerful antioxidant action offers the skin an efficient protection against free radicals, negative environmental factors, oxidative stress and UV rays. This serum boosts cell renewal and regenerates the skin so the latter can regain its elasticity. Thanks to HYALURONIC ACID and GLYCERIN acting as moisture-captive agents, the skin is deeply moisturized and nourished over 24 hours.

– FOR SCARS: This serum has proven to be efficient in the daily treatment of scars thanks to the combination of HYALURONIC ACID, NDGA and ALOE BARBADENSIS. It increases the skin’s texture and elasticity and contributes to improving the quality and overall look of scars.



Apply a small amount of CELLULAR INTERVENTION SERUM morning and evening on a cleansed and dry skin in gentle motions until completely absorbed. It may be used on its own or before the CELLULAR REPAIR CREAM or the CELLULAR REPAIR FLUID, depending on your skin type.



  •  fades wrinkles and fine lines.
  •  increases skin’s elasticity.
  •  provides the skin with vital moisture.
  •  improves skin’s structure.
  •  helps prevent age spots and irregular skin texture.
  •  offers a radiant complexion and a soft and supple skin