The CompuFlo Epidural

Milestone Scientific

No More Multiple Painful Epidural Attempts

The CompuFlo Epidural’s pressure sensing technology provides an objective tool for medical professionals to consistently and accurately identify the epidural space.

Knowing the precise location of a needle during an epidural injection procedure provides a measure of safety not presently available to doctors using conventional syringes, who rely on their subjective perception to identify the epidural space.


Benefits of CompuFlo Epidural

The CompuFlo Epidural is a safe, effective way to administer epidurals using pressure-sensing technology; and the benefits are significant.

For Medical Professionals

  • Allows anesthesiologists to use both hands to advance and direct the needle
  • Real-time objectively confirm the epidural space with 99% success on first attempt

For Patients

  • Reduces likelihood of need to reposition needle over multiple attempts
  • Offers the potential for a radiation-free solution for identification of epidural space in pain management patients

How It Works

The CompuFlo Epidural incorporates our patented DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology®. It differentiates tissue types for the medical professional via visual and audio feedback, leading to precise location guidance as the needle advances toward the intended area.

The CompuFlo Epidural allows Medical Professionals to successfully perform epidural procedures with fewer attempts, while reducing the volume required to accurately identify the epidural space.

What is DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology?

DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology is our patented system that has been used in over 65 million dental injections. It can precisely control the flow rate of fluid via real-time feedback based on exit pressure at the needle tip while also documenting injection events resulting in verification.